About Us

We are a young student organization. Our activities began back in 2005. Several students, while volunteering in unfavorable areas, found the desire to help people in the fight against AIDS. Since then a lot has changed and now the organization consists of different people.

Cody Tordenson
Cody Tordenson – 20 years old

Our chapter

Adam Walker
Adam Walker – 21 years old

Deputy Head

Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis – 22 years old

Event manager

Susan Moore
Susan Moore – 20 years

Event Organizer

Chloe Deiss
Chloe Deiss is 20 years old


Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith – 21 years old


Our mission is to mobilize students who care about speed to fight it. In this young return, students are more vulnerable to various bad situations. Therefore, they need support. If the young person is guided to the right path and explained everything, the person will be informed about the problems.

If you want to join our group, write here.

We believe that students, in this return, have the dedication and skills necessary to make a lasting impact today, and that young people are responsible and play an important role in the AIDS response.