Fighting AIDS

We hope that the world can defeat this terrible disease, but now those who are sick need help. We try to support these people in every way possible. You can help us, with the organization and dissemination of information about this disease.

Warned, so armed.



If you feel the desire to help those in need, join us. We regularly carry out various activities aimed at warning about the disease, we have fun and we try.

Our chapter

Cody Tordenson

We are very happy, new visitors and new people in our community. We want to have healthy children and a wonderful world with no diseases.

Event manager

Brad Lewis

I have been in this community for 2 years. I have never met such kind and responsive people. I am engaged in organizing upcoming events and am very happy with the results.


Chloe Deiss

While I am here, I have brought a lot of useful things to the community and brought not a few people. We hope that the more people know about a problem, the easier it is to solve it.

Fighting AIDS

The fight against AIDS is an important matter. If each of us donates a few dollars to fight this terrible disease, the result will not wait. Your money will go to leaflets, AIDS prevention funds, various events and other things related to the disease.